Free or Inexpensive Christmas Ideas

Posted on December 19th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Starting on Thursday, my whole family will be together for 10 full fun filled days. Am I the only one a little stressed out about that? What will we do that doesn’t cost a lot? We already spent our monthly fun budget on presents so I am on the lookout for free/cheap family fun. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. Caroling. This is definitely a thing of the past that needs to come back! We actually already did this activity last night, but it was so great, I think we should do it again. We went to a local nursing home with some other friends and just sang Christmas songs. The residents loved seeing the kids. We didn’t do a lot of prep for it, we make some print outs of songs and went! Free and it totally warmed our hearts and got us in the mood for Christmas.

2. Sledding! I know a lot of our readers are in warmer climates, and for that I suggest ice blocking down a hill. All you need to do it buy an ice block and go flying down a hill. It’s totally fun! Ice blocks are crazy cheap too! For those of us with snow, we’ll be hitting the hills for real. Other than our one time investment in a cheap sled, that we already made, it’s free!

3. Decorating cookies. Sugar cookies and ornamental icing are super cheap to make, they take a while and your kids will love it!

4. Go look at Christmas lights. A lot of cities even have whole communities that decorate and go all out. If not, just look around. Turn on the Christmas music, bring along some hot chocolate and make some memories. My kids just scream “lights, lights!” It doesn’t get much better than that!

5. Go to a church play. Lots of churches put on plays for Christmas and most are free! The biggest church in our town does it and it’s SPECTACULAR. Call around, check with your local Chamber of Commerce or check out the events in your newspaper.

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