Free But Not Cheap Romance

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Valentines Day is coming up. For those of us who are love rich, but cash poor it can be a very stressful time of year. It’s not because the other person is demanding, but because we want to do good things for the people we love. This is possible with a great deal of effort and thought, but no cash.

E Greetings.

There are now free e cards that can be sent to the person you love. No card clutter or the cost of a piece of  card stock. My favorite internet site to get e cards is .  Another way to show affection is to make your own card on the paint program and leave it up on their computer desktop as a wallpaper. It’s a nice surprise and a good reminder of the love shared between the both of you. It’s also good way to display the card without hanging it on the wall.

Short Romance Novel

If you have a pen, notebook, and active imagination this activity it great. We anticipate the evening in both the writing and the reading. The goal (without becoming distasteful ) is to go into detail. If  you have kids go into detail about how you will avoid them waking up. Add things you would both like to try new. Act out the novel after bedtime and a little downtime. It gives the kids a chance to go to sleep, mom to unwind, and dad to build up some longing. Long after Valentines Day is over there may be repeat enactments.

I Just Want Too Cuddle

The dishes are done. The day has been long, and even though it’s Valentines Day neither of you are feeling the holiday spirit. It’s nothing to feel bad about and is common among busy people. Instead plan a nice low key evening. ..all the way. Have a no fuss dinner like take out or something microwavable. Share a blanket and curl up with good books together. You could even do a crossword puzzle together. It may sound like a quiet hassle free evening, but isn’t that what both of you needed anyway?

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