For The Days The Car Isn’t Working

Posted on February 5th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


It doesn’t matter if your engine and your hood is enveloped by smoke while driving around town, or the car just makes clicking noises when you turn the key. Cars need to be fixed and you need a ride. It’s not a stress free situation, but it can be a little less stressful if you can tweak the situation.

Have A Pick Up System

Sometimes you know when your car is having issues. It makes strange sounds, jerks around a bit, or gives you a hard time starting over the course of a few days. If this is your situation consider yourself lucky. Let your family, friends, or roommates know that your car isn’t functioning properly and you may need a ride at some point. Most friends don’t let it get to that point and will offer you transportation without a break down until you can get your car in the shop. Others will come and help if and when you break down. The rare ones know how to fix your car.

Carpooling and Public Transportation

Carpooling is always a better deal than public transportation. There are less people to be concerned about and you know usually know them. Be sure to pitch in gas money when you can or as agreed.

Where you live would be a factor in deciding if you want to risk public transportation. Some cities have subways, bus systems, and taxi services that are available and vary in cost enough to pick an option in your price range. There are new services like Uber where you can request a pick-up via an app on your smartphone and pay like a taxi service. Some towns and cities have unreliable transportation or overly expensive transportation that makes it next to impossible to be without your own car. It makes you wish all towns had a public bicycle system.

Junk Yards and Pick N Pulls

While getting to and from the places that you need to go, you will want to be working on getting the car fixed. Some places offer used parts for cars really cheap. If you are mechanically inclined you will want to check out these places, but the parts are buyer beware. Sometimes you get a great find. Other times you get a dud. Still, the prices of used parts make it worth the risk.

If you need to buy a part used be sure to shop around first. You will find that some stores mark up certain parts and upkeep items. What is marked up or not varies from store to store. Let your fingers do the walking and you could save yourself a bit of cash.

When you can’t install the part yourself you can bring the part and your car to a mechanic. You will still have to pay for labor, but shouldn’t be charged for the part. Just be sure to ask before they get under your hood.

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