Fines To Avoid

Posted on March 13th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

We all do things that we think will save us time and money, but in the long run will only end up causing us grief. We get impatient and speed.  We put off returning a DVD. Then the bill for our actions comes due and it can be quite a hit to our finances. Here are a few fines that are easily avoided.

Traffic Fines

If you speed, run red lights, use a phone or text while driving it could be very expensive.  Fines for these driving violations can result in fines from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. So could not renewing your registration or getting  your car inspected for safety. Let’s not forget that doing some of these things could also lead to medical bills and car repairs.  Car insurance rates will get higher for you and you could even lose your license. You are more likely to save on unnecessary costs by obeying the traffic laws and you and your family will be safer as well.

Borrowing  Fines

Keep track of library books. Don’t leave them in places where they could be damaged. Some books can be very expensive to replace and that expense will be paid by you. It’s also very good to turn books in on time. It can be frustrating to be unable to use library services due to lost items or late fees. A library fine may not be very much, but it can grow if forgotten about. Besides, it’s not fun to spend money on books that were supposed to be free to use to begin with.

The same could be said for Redbox DVDs or Netflix movies sent to your home. When not returned on time, you get charged extra for these items.  You may even end up paying full price for them.

Apartment Fines

Not following the rules of your apartment complex can lead to fines as well.  This could include simple things like having towels or clothes air drying on the  balcony rails. This wouldn’t be a five dollar fine either. It could be around one hundred dollars. Make sure you know your apartment’s rules and consequences of your apartment complex. Then try to keep them as best you can.

What other fines do you avoid?



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