Finding Frugal Ideas

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

finding frugal

Sometimes when you are trying to figure out a few more ways to be thrifty, you draw a blank. This day and age, though, it has never been easier to find new ways and ideas for saving money.

Use The Internet

Look up frugal blogs and websites. Search for tips. Have a look at Pintrest to see what ideas other people have had. Some of them are actually quite creative. Search for free samples and gifts. Look up coupons. Find free events in your area. Sign up for deal sites like Amazon Local and Groupon. Don’t forget the fun stuff like free games, ebooks, television shows, and music. You can find plenty of sites that are both legitimate and legal.


The library is one of the best resources next to the internet when it comes to finding frugal ideas. There are books and resources, once again, all free for use. In addition to that, libraries have their hand on the pulse of the actual community they are a part of. They know if the local thrift store is having a sale, what local establishments offer help to those who need it, and the people in the community who are teaching classes like piano or art. They have flyers and bulletin boards. It’s a good way for frugal minded people to connect on a local level.


I will be honest with you. When it comes to finding a way to reuse items I shamelessly rip off my toddler’s ideas. He has got some of the best ideas. That’s because he isn’t a grown up who is stressed out about finances and trying to pinch pennies. He’s just having fun playing and using his imagination. When I relax and enjoy let’s pretend and playtime with him he will use an item in a new way and I realize that is the innovative idea I have been looking for. He still uses his imagination for fun instead of trying to exploit it for self gain. It’s a skill I am re-learning from him and I am better off for it.

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