Finding Deals at Garage Sales

Posted on June 28th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

It’s garage sale season where we live. Have you been hitting the roads in search of awesome deals? Some of my most favorite items have been from garage sales, but you have to be smart about finding good deals. If you know how to do it, you can walk away with a steal! Here are our best Thrifty Diva tips!

1. Keep a list of what you are looking for. Sometimes it can get overwhelming when you go to a dozen yard sales. Make a grocery list of the things you are looking for and check it out before each garage sale.

2. Hit the rich neighborhoods. Let’s face it, rich people buy nice stuff. They have garage sales too and they usually price things even cheaper because they just want to get rid of stuff.

3. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. People are used to negotiating at garage sales. Just be prepared for a no and don’t get your hopes up, but it never hurts to ask. It also helps to try and make deals at the end of the day. People are trying to get rid of stuff more quickly then.

4. Buy kids stuff! This is my favorite thing about garage sales. Kids items are usually gently used and priced to move!

5. Don’t be afraid to go back. You don’t have to make decisions immediately. You can always come back when prices may be lower or you can negotiate. Just remember your item may not be there, but you could get it cheaper.

6. Budget for the day. It’s easy to go crazy at garage sales and spend more money than you need. For some reason that “I need this” gene kicks in and you come home with a lot of stuff you didn’t need. Take $20 in case with you and don’t get any more. People may be more likely to cut you a deal if you only have a certain amount of money.

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