Financial Tunnel Vision

Posted on June 2nd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

tunnel vision

When financial troubles come to call it’s not uncommon for us to get financial tunnel vision. It’s easy to spot if you have it. You suddenly feel like you don’t even have the money to buy gum. When I get like this I don’t see solutions to my problem. All I see is the problem. Then I know it’s time to take a deep breath and remind myself of a few things.

Don’t Panic

I have known people who have hit a financial bump and panic because it was unexpected. Instead take inventory of how much time you have to fix the problem and what you have available to fix it. If you have a large book collection, consider selling some of your unused books to a used book store. This can apply to comic books, collectibles, or other items that are just taking up space in your home.

Use Your Resources

If you get into a financial bind it’s okay to use the resources that you have available. For example, if you have food storage it’s okay to use it when times are tough. Don’t get so caught up in keeping a store of food that you forget the reason you have it in the first place. This also applies to savings accounts and keeping your rent paid a few months ahead of schedule. Don’t feel bad about it. Just be thankful that your planning ahead has saved your family a few months of grief.

Enjoy Life

Often we get so discouraged about financial problems that we forget to continue living life. We excuse ourselves from social activities because we are afraid to spend money. This includes the activities that don’t cost anything to attend. Instead of putting your life on hold until your finances catch up take advantage of free parks and walking trails. Consider having family picnics with a homemade lunch rather than dinner at a restaurant. Remember that your money is a tool and you can still enjoy the little things in life without a whole lot of it to spend. Who knows, you may find a passion that ends up helping you with your financial situation.


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