Financial Perks of a Gaming Couple

Posted on June 16th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

gaming couple

My husband and I are gamers and over the years it has saved us quite a bit of money, while allowing us to enjoy a mutual hobby and bond. Here are a few ways that we use our games to build our relationship without breaking the bank.


Some of the best gifts my husband and I have gotten each other don’t take up any storage space in our home and even less space from our bank accounts. We often use the perks in a game as gifts for one another. We help gather items to craft that special item that our significant other has been wanting in the game. We send each other in-game currency to buy that new pet they have been wanting. Sometimes we even run a quest we otherwise wouldn’t and give a little bit of our time to brighten their day. If you play a free to play game all these gamer gifts cost nothing except a bit of time.

Date Night

Date nights with you loved one can be pretty expensive, but for gamers they don’t always have to be. Often for us (and especially during the months with a newborn) we skip spending money on a babysitter and a movie and instead eat dinner with the kids and then visit our gaming world after bedtime. We chat about the game content and storyline or we just go exploring together and talk about how pretty some of the game destinations are. Best of all, unless we ordered out, we don’t spend a dime.

Even When Paying Real Money

Some games cost a subscription fee, and we try to avoid those games. Some games, however, are worth it to us to pay the money. Here is the good news. A subscription fee is usually fifteen dollars per person. That’s thirty dollars a month to play a game for date night and give each other gifts in-game. It still saves us a great deal of money considering that one dinner and a movie costs more than that by itself and there are four date nights in a month.

Even when you aren’t subscribing to a game you may want to spend money on an exclusive mount or pet as a gift for your loved one. Those also are usually five to fifteen dollars. Much less expensive than a real puppy with less mess.

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