Financial Lessons Kids Can Learn From Sims Games

Posted on April 1st, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I like video games that are capable of teaching me or my child a valuable lesson for life. This is why I don’t mind playing the Sims games. They aren’t just fun and let you live out certain dreams via computer screen, they also teach valuable lessons like time management and how to use certain skills to fit your needs best. Here are a few life lessons I hope my children learn when they play this game.

Things Are Expensive

Things that you would think cost very little to no money actually could cost much more than you expect. There are less expensive options for some items if you are willing to go with a basic design. If you pick the frugal characteristic for your Sim it helps you find coupons and discounts for classes and store items. There are even achievements that make travel less expensive, but you have to earn them. In short, things are expensive, and you need to look for a deal to get a deal.

You Need To Work

Your Sim must be doing something in order to earn money. They could write books, work a part time job, join the military, or teach a martial arts class. They can sell produce from their garden or fish from a fishing trip. They can even collect plants and bugs and sell them. It’s important to look for opportunities and use the ones that help you reach your goals


Any skill you learn in life is important. It could be home repair or cooking. Each skill has the capability to save your Sim money or make your Sim money. Some skills help with your goals, such as animal or child care. Without these skill your could be stuck with no money, overdue bills, and a very hungry Sim.

What games help your children learn the value of money?

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