Filters, Filters Everywhere

Posted on March 11th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

There are objects in our homes and cars and even at work that make our lives easier. They are called filters, and they are often forgotten. They keep our air clean and allergen free. They keep dirt from getting into our vehicle motors and are very important. Without them we would have more car trouble and sick days than we could afford. We even end up buying more allergy medication without them.

Car Filters

Cars have a few filters. There is an air filter that filters out dirt and dust before it gets to your motor. Oil filters keeps dirt in the car’s oil from passing into the motor as well. It keeps the motor running smoothly not to have foreign objects in the lubricant. ┬áSome cars even have a cabin air filter that, if left unchanged, can lead to funky smells flowing into your car interior.

Air Conditioning Filters

Most apartments come with central air conditioning and heating. This is great, but most of the time the complex doesn’t maintain the filters inside their units. Filters can last six months, if it’s the right type of filter, but most apartments use one or three month filters and then only change them every six months. This leads up to a build up of dust and allergens that, at best, get blown right back out into your apartment. If your are turning on your heat often you can smell the dust collected burning. It can even be a fire hazard if left too long. Talk to your apartment manager about this, or if you’re not that vocal, you can buy your own filters in the hardware/ home maintenance section of the store.

Ionizers And Fans

If you have a machine that cleans air, be sure to change the filters in those. It can cause the same problems as dirty air conditioning filters. Also be sure to clean fan blades when you get the chance. You’ll know if they need to be changed by the fuzziness of dust that accumulates on them. This includes electric fans, ceiling fans, and tower fans.

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