Fill Your Home w/ Spider Plants by Re-Planting Spider Plant Babies

Posted on May 20th, 2017 by Uncategorized

replanting spider plant babies

Love plants, but don’t want to shell out so much money for them?

You can take one plant and simply break it up! If you want an inexpensive way to fill your home with air-purifying and beautiful green plants, look to spider plants! Simply find someone with a spider plant (I’m sure you know someone, they’re very common) or buy one for yourself and wait for it to grow little “spiderettes.” (The “spiderettes” are individual plants with roots, growing off from the main plant). Then take those spider plant “babies” and replant them! I have heard of multiple different ways of doing this, some involving letting the plants soak in water for a day or so, but I’ve never had any issue getting these plants to grow after simply planting them in a separate pot filled with potting soil.


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