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Posted on October 28th, 2011 by Discount Debbie

It’s amazing that just trying to get out for a little bit of fun with the family can become so costly. Well, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have the funds (or won’t spend the funds) to feed your children junk food while spending some time out getting some quality time, then you have other options to consider for quality fun with little to no cost.

The Local Zoo

It would cost our family of 4 (including an 8-month old and a 2 1/2 year old) $30 just to walk into our local zoo. That doesn’t include any food or parking. However, with just a little bit of research, I found out that our zoo has free admission after 2pm on the first Tuesday of every month. Suddenly, that makes the zoo a much more viable option as a fun and inexpensive activity. It becomes a great opportunity for a play date and an enjoyable time for children and parents.

Children’s Museums

The Children’s Museum costs about the same as the zoo. But, they too offer an opportunity to visit without any cost. Thursdays from 5pm-8pm the museum hosts “Free Family Nights.” Now, for our family, that is a tough time to get out. It’s the toughest time of the day with two little ones. So, we have not visited the museum yet. However, as they get older, that time of the day will be something we could make happen.

Local Parks

We live near two beautiful parks in our area. And, when the weather is just right, one of our favorite things to do is pack a lunch (or snack) and head to the park. My daughter loves to look at the fish, the ducks (and daddy feeding the ducks), the other children and to run around with a lot more space than she has at home. It’s a pleasant time for the whole family…with zero cost.

Google “Free”

You’d be surprised to find out how many free events may be taking place in your community. Google it, look in local magazines and papers. Also, find out about restaurants which allow kids to eat free. Sometimes restaurants allow kids to eat free with two adult entrees; others allow them to eat free at specific times.

What else have you done with your family while spending little to no money?

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