Fact and Myths of Couponing

Posted on October 4th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

By now, you’ve probably seen TLC’s Extreme Couponing show. For weeks I watched as thousands of dollars worth of groceries left the store with only dollars spent on them. A lot of the people on that show mentioned the rush it gave them to save so much. But, let’s get real, very few of us are going to walk out with that kind of deal? This show also brought about a lot of myths that we should work through.

Myth 1: All stores have the same coupon policy.
Fact: If you try to use the same coupon policy as Wal-Mart as you do at Walgreens, you are going to get in trouble when you reach the check out line.

Myth 2: I can print as many coupons as I want from my home computer.
In short, no you can’t. Most sites will lock you out from printing and some that will allow you to print more than one will use the same UPC code so when you go to the store, their machines will catch this and say the coupon has already been used when scanned before.  And you definitely can’t copy coupons. The best way for multiple deals is to ask friends if they will print them off if they aren’t using them or get yourself multiple computers.

Myth 3: I can use 6 coupons on one item and actually make money!
Although this sounds like a really great idea, it’s not allowed in any store. Most stores allow only 1 manufacturer coupon per item. Several stores do allow stacking which is using a manufacturer coupon, plus a store coupon per item. This is the way most people really save a lot of money and do sometimes end of making money.

Myth 4: I can use all the coupons I want.
  We wish! Some stores like Wal-Mart only allow 40 coupons per transaction. Now, that’s not to say you can’t go through the line more than once, but be careful not to upset others in the line or your checker. You don’t want to be known in the store as the crazy coupon user!

Myth 5:  If my store doubles coupons, I can double as many as I want.
  Some stores have doubling policies which are a great way to save money. However many of them have limits. They may only allow 3 doublers to be used in a transaction. If your store doubles, make sure to find out their policy. Doubling is awesome, but has some rules with it.

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  1. jackie October 4, 2011

    these are great couponing tips. I can’t tell you how many times lately i have seen someone wondering why they can’t use 10 coupons and get mad at the clerk like its their fault.

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