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Posted on February 17th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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As a Thrifty Diva, you may not eat out much. I could probably count on one hand the number of times we eat out in any given year. When it’s rare, it is nice to splurge. However, sometimes you want to eat out to get a break and there’s no real special occasion to celebrate or to warrant splurging. In that case, there are still ways you can save money while you eat out.

1. Split an entree. Restaurants tend to serve more than one person should be eating anyway. So, split an entree and order an appetizer or side. That should generally be plenty for two people. Your wallet and your waist will be glad you did.

2. Go to a restaurant where the kids can eat free. Check out this list of restaurants and maximize your dollars by letting the littles eat on the house.

3. Go out for breakfast or lunch, instead of dinner. Lunch specials are much less expensive than dinners, and breakfast entrees are even less expensive than lunch specials. So, give yourself the break, but choose carefully when you’ll go out to eat.

4. Get a to-go bag. Being out doesn’t mean you have to eat everything that’s brought to your table in just one sitting. As I mentioned before, restaurants in our country tend to serve very large portions. Save the rest for a leftover lunch. No reason to feel gross because you ate too much when you can save it to eat later. Again, both your wallet and your waist will be happy. 😉

5. Look for coupons. We get a local mailer sent to us every so often. Keep an eye out for the restaurants that are offering discounts or coupons, and visit them. Also, new restaurants tend to offer discounts and special offers in order to attract customers. So, give them a try and take advantage of the deals.

How do you save money when you eat out?

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