Eating Healthy on a Thrifty Budget

Posted on September 26th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

eating health on a thrifty budget

We all want to eat for less money, but sometimes that means that we overlook healthy food. We may think that we can’t afford to eat healthy. Sometimes we are just trying to stretch our groceries and buying fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t something we view as an option. The good news is we can still eat healthy foods while stretching our food budgets and making our food choices last.

Buy Dry Goods

Bagged beans, rice, and split peas are ideal to making your grocery money last longer. Believe it or not they aren’t any more complicated to prepare than most foods. Simply put them in a bowl of water to soak in the morning and boil them up at night or get a crockpot and let them cook over the course of the day. The bags of beans, rice, and peas will last for more than one meal, as opposed to your average sized can or box of their counterparts. They are also more healthy than their counterparts as well.

Portion Size

Always consider how many people you are actually going to be feeding and only prepare enough food for that number. The goal is not to have leftovers. The goal is to not to waste food.  This will also keep your family from over eating and when eating the right foods, they will feel full after just one helping. This will also reduce the amount of medical problems associated with overeating.


Frozen fruits and vegetables are a good way to go. Since they are frozen at the peak of ripeness, all of the nutrition is locked in and therefore just as healthy as fresh.

Also look into frozen juice concentrate. It cost less than regular fruit juice, it takes less space to store, and still has the nutrients of fruit juice. Just make sure that your get the right type of juice. Look for concentrate of one hundred percent juice and no sugar added.


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