Eat Fat, Lose Weight…and Save Money

Posted on August 10th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


You may have heard of the popular book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat. It’s a relatively recent concept that fat is not what makes us fat. Our bodies need good fats and actually needs fat to rev up metabolism (so that we can burn more calories).

As a Thrifty Diva, I can’t ignore the money saving aspect of this concept. I have made a point to include more healthy fats in my diet. Yes, I believe that it has helped me lose weight. However, the bottom line of eating fat is that you end up eating less! So, no need to throw out the chicken fat or skin. Save them and make some broth to use later. Throw some extra coconut oil in your rice or your oven fried potatoes. You will find that you will absolutely eat less…because the fat fills you up.

Eating less means two things happen. You will lose weight and you save money on all those snacks and foods you use as fillers when you’re still hungry.

Wanna drop a few pounds and save money:

1. Quit snacking on non-nutritional foods. Empty calories will not boost your metabolism. If you’re hungry in between meals, make sure you get some protein/fat so that your body can keep burning calories. So, a handful of almonds, some oatmeal or yogurt can help do the trick.

2. Add fat. Yes, I did say add fat. Adding healthy fats to your diet will give your body the fat it needs to burn fat and will fill you up so that you end up taking in fewer calories.

Isn’t it fun to lose weight and save money at the same time?

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