Downsizing to Reduce Debt

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie


We all want to get out of debt. It’s an evil monster that sucks at our resources and leaves us feeling trapped. What would we give up just to break free of it?

A Car

There are plenty of modes of transportation that don’t include gas money, insurance, or a car payment, not to mention the registrations, taxes, and potential legal fees. Depending on how far away you work and the weather there is walking and biking.  For those who find the distance between work and home just a little too far, check out your local public transportation. Paying for the subway or a bus pass can cost much less than the expenses that go along with owning a vehicle. Also check to see if your medical offices include a pick up program. When you just have to have a car, try to have basic insurance and car pool when you can. At least  you’ll be able to save gas money.


If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Get rid of the cable, the internet (okay, maybe not the internet but go with the cheapest version), and all those little internet subscriptions that go along with it. Cut out movie rentals and buying. In fact you can downsize the television if it reduces temptation and pay something off that came with the money from spending it. Give up going for dinner and the movies. Make your meal and talk at the dinner table instead. Visit free parks, pools, and activities. Give up the gym membership and enjoy jogging outdoors or doing yoga in your living room. These expenses may not seem like much, but they are little cuts in your budget bleeding your money out.

Things You Should Do Without Anyway

There are the items harmful to your nutrition. We can do without chips, candy, and soda. Pre-made and packaged food usually costs more than buying the ingredients which will make more than one meal and be healthier. For a while you can even cut part of your grocery bill by going meat free. Instead, get your protein from lentils, beans, and eggs.

Then there are the things that are addictive and bad for your health. Time to give up cigarettes and all things nicotine. Let go of that wine or beer. Instead drink water. It has more health properties than wine does anyway, and any health advantages you could get from wine you can get from eating the fruit instead.

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