Don’t Throw Those Leftovers Out….YET!

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We cleaned our fridge out over the weekend and let’s just say that our trash had to be taken out very quickly because it was so full. I know I am not alone in throwing out leftovers more than I should. It’s such a waste in food and money. Not only do you save from using bought food for another meal, you make your dollar stretch even more from the other meal.

But maybe you are like me and are kind of leery after food has sat around for a while. Here’s a great guide to knowing how long your leftovers are good for and some other tips to help those leftovers get eaten.

1. Baked dishes, soups, and stews. If they don’t have meat in them they can last up to a week. If you did put meat in them eat within 5 days and you are good to go! 

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2. Vegetables and legumes will last longer than dairy and eggs.

3. Don’t dress your salads. If you put dressing on your salads they will be mushy quickly, so keep the dressing off and your salad should stay nice and fresh for up to a week if in an airtight container.

4. Freeze your leftovers. Soooooo many leftovers are perfectly fine frozen. Don’t feel like eating them tomorrow? That’s ok, because freezing them gives you the option to eat it a couple of weeks later. It’s also beneficial to make extra every time just so you can freeze extra meals for later on.

5 . Give them to a friend. We seriously have a family that is very close to us and they just hate cooking. I love it, so we cook a lot. Our friends tend to go out a lot. So instead of throwing out our leftovers, I give them to their family and she cleans my house. Seems like a good trade huh?


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