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Posted on October 4th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

How often have you arrived at your local grocery store or drug store, coupons in hand, anxiously anticipating the amazing deal you are now prepared to land only to see that the item you were going to get for free, or for just pennies, was sold out? I’m a mom of two very young children. So, I can’t always get out as soon as I find out about a deal. And, the scenario I described above is one with which I have become all-too-familiar.

As frustrating as it is, I have found that there are ways to relax and still not miss out on the deals.

The Rain Check. Not all stores offer rain checks. But, it’s worth asking. In my area, most stores do offer rain checks if they have sold out of the items on sale. A rain check entitles you to the same sale price even after the sale is over. Recently, my local Walgreens had a sale on plastic storage bags. I had coupons for those bags, so I could get them for a fraction of the price. When I arrived at my local store, the shelves were empty. The manager offered a rain check. I checked for those bags for several weeks before they were back in stock. Then just last week, I got the same deal because my coupons had not yet expired.

Price-Matching. A couple of times in the last several months, Babies R Us has had deep discounts on diapers. You add coupons to those deep discounts and end up getting diapers for a steal. The first time I didn’t find out about the sale until the last day it was on. So, I missed out on the deal…until I was reminded that Walmart price matches! As long as you can prove that the same item they sell is being sold somewhere else for a better price, they will match the price. So, I printed out a flier with the details on the sale and got the exact same deal over at Walmart! Incidentally, it meant getting a Jumbo pack of Huggies diapers for $3.50.

The next time they had a similar sale, just a couple of weeks ago, I called over to the nearest Toys R Us and Babies R Us to find out what the stock looked like. If they didn’t have any, I wasn’t going to bother at all. My plan was to simply head over to Walmart to get the same deal. It turns out they had just enough and I ended up getting $36 of diapers for $9!

Not all stores give out rain checks and most stores don’t price match. But, if you find out which stores do, it’ll make it just a little bit more relaxing to get those fantastic deals!


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