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Posted on January 20th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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There are many ways to earn point rewards. There a click sites, sites to watch videos, and sites where you get rewarded to use a search engine. Most of them also have ways to help you spend your points before they become rewards, but that isn’t the point of point rewards when you are a Thrifty Diva. Here is how I avoid overspending my reward points.

Avoid Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are a great way to gamble away all your points a little bit at a time. You start out spending a few points here or there to get 25,000 points. The only problem is unless you win you don’t get anything. The alternative is to keep saving up those points for a reward that you are certain to get.

The Best Offer For Use

When it comes to my Bing Rewards I used to get five dollar gift certificates for 475 points. I could have gotten fifteen dollar gift certificates, but they were for stores that I didn’t shop at. What I finally settled on was spending 420 reward points on a month free for Hulu Plus. That meant we could get rid of our Netflix Subscription, still have our television entertainment, and not have the price of it come out of our budget. Not only that, I spent less points on my reward enabling me to get more for my reward points.

Be Picky With Offers

I only choose the offers that are free, but my definition of free may be different from others. If an offer pays out at least an equivalent amount of points to the cost of an offer, that’s free to me. If it costs less it’s not free. If I need to pay shipping and handling it’s not free, but if the point rewards are more than shipping and handling charges, it’s free. In short, unless I’m breaking even or making a profit I won’t use an offer.

What are your favorite reward points sites?

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