Don’t Just Spring-Clean The Inside Of Your Home!

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No matter where you live, your front yard can always use some touching up. Spring cleaning season is upon us, and that doesn’t just apply to the inside of your residence. Even small things can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance, making it look fresh and pretty. Take a few of these simple ideas into consideration to kick your curb appeal up a notch.


1. Switch out your hardware. Knobs like this fun modern one can spice up your front door a lot. Door knobs, especially ones that you use frequently, tend to fade and discolor. Change them up every few years to keep up appearances.

2. Pick out new house numbers. Just changing out the metal numbers you have on your house for fresh new ones can have a big impact on your home’s appearance. There are so many cute ones that you can buy, and there a lot of DIY’s as well that play around with different colors and styles.

3. Pull your weeds! Nothing detracts from your house’s beauty like unruly landscaping. As annoying as it may be, spend a day pulling out those weeds and spraying your yard to keep them from coming back. You’ll feel so accomplished afterwards when you see how drastically it improves your yard. Also, be sure to keep on top of mowing your lawn. Grass can quickly grow out of control and really diminish your curb appeal.

4. Plant some flowers! Head to the store and pick up a few plants. Some bushes and shrubs to fill up space and some flowers for pops of color. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to spruce up your yard with some pretty plants. You can even string up a hanging basket by your front door for an easy improvement project.

5. Spread some fresh bark or rocks. When paired with flowering plants in particular, bark or rocks really look amazing. Pick up a couple bags from your local home improvement store and spread it in-between your plants. The rich color will bring out the color in your flowers, and it hides the not-so-pretty rocks and dirt below.

6. Spray off your front porch and driveway. Whether you pick up a nozzle attachment for your hose or not, spray down all of your concrete areas. Winter usually leaves behind lots of dirt and grime. Spraying down your steps and porch and sweeping away dead leaves will help a lot. It also doesn’t hurt to give your sidewall (and any other area that picks up a lot of dirt) a nice spray as well

7. Paint your front door! Colorful front doors are all the rage right now, particularly a blue shade. A fresh coat of paint will give your house an instant facelift, especially if your current paint is boring and faded.

8. Buy a new doormat. The cheekier the saying, the better. I’m sure your current mat is looking pretty worn down, so replace it with a new one today. Extra points for picking out a mat with some personality.

Those are all super simple and relatively inexpensive ideas to keep your home looking pretty this Spring. Be sure to give a few of them a try, and comment below if you have any other tips and tricks for keeping your yard and home looking well-maintained as we head out of those harsh Winter months and into the Summer!

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