Dollar Store “Do and Do Not Buys”

Posted on April 4th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I recently went to the dollar store and quickly realized that the dollar store isn’t the best choice for all items. It seems like a good choice when you think of everything just being a $1 and sometimes less, but there are items you should buy and some you shouldn’t.

Things You Should Buy
Pregnancy tests-at a $1 a piece, you can’t go wrong.
Sunday paper-not all have this, but if your’s does, it’s a great buy.
Party supplies-LOVE the dollar store for party supplies! They can have some cute stuff too.
Holiday decor-I don’t really expect high quality for holiday decorations which is why the dollar store is great.
Hair supplies-I was SHOCKED when I saw all the awesome hair ties, brushes and even hair dye for $1 each!
Greetings Cards-You can say Happy Birthday for $1 just as well as a $4 Hallmark card.
Books-I was also shocked when I saw some great books, both adult and kids for only $1.
Candy-One word, movie candy, enough said.  

What Not to Buy
Gift bags-When we went I saw they were $1 each, but that Ross they were 3 for $2.89. The savings isn’t huge, but it’s not the cheapest at the dollar store.
Canned food-Our dollar store had name brand for a little more than Wal-Mart has.
Baking soda-$1 at the dollar store doesn’t compete with less than a $1 anywhere else. Off brand is usually around $.50.
Soda-Most stores have really great deals on their 2 liter sodas, so the off brand from the dollar store isn’t worth it.
Batteries-They just don’t last as long as name brand and you’ll end up spending more.  

What are your must haves from the dollar store?

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