DIY Light-Up World Map (Frugal Gift Perfect for Travelers!)

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This is a super easy DIY for the adventurers, the wild spirits, and those who have a bad case of wanderlust. Everyone likes to have a little something that personalizes their home, and this is the perfect way to decorate plain walls, add to a theme, or even keep track of where you’ve been or where you wish to go!

For this simple craft, these are all the things you need:

  • A foam core board (can be found at the dollar store)
  • Any paper with maps on them, i.e. scrapbook paper, actual maps, etc.
  • Mod Podge glue or another kind of sturdy glue
  • Christmas lights
  • Screwdriver

First, you will stick the map paper on the foam board with the glue. If your maps are not big enough to fit the board, that’s fine! It is extra fun to make a collage of maps so you can design your own wall art. You can cut out pieces that you want and stick them where you want. You are free to make your own design! When you have glued the paper to the board, you can begin to poke holes as randomly as you like through the board. Then you can stick the lights through the holes from the back, plug it in, and you’re finished!

Note: A variation of this craft could be pasting any pictures, art, or collages on a foam board and while still stringing the lights through the holes you poke. Print out memories, find drawings/paintings, or cut out magazines and make collages with the different things you find. It’s such an easy project, you could definitely do them all! Plus, they are very cute and will be made by you, so you will have decor that is true to you.

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