DIY Fall Centerpieces

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A decoration that is always so over priced and over looked in my opinion are center pieces.. As sad as that sounds but as true as it is, I have created my own and will share these amazing secrets with you!

Option 1.
Things  you’ll need:


  1. Get the vase and place all the pine cones in it.
  2. Place the flowers into the pine cones, using them as a base to keep the flowers from falling over.
  3. Once you have the flowers arranged to your desired look, wrap the ribbon around.

cp 1


This is the end look for option #1.

Option 2
Things you’ll need:


  1. Get the hot glue, vase, and sticks.
  2. Glue the sticks onto the vase all around and make sure they’re touching so you cannot see the inside of the vase.
  3. Once you’ve done that, hot glue or wrap the ribbon around.
  4. Now that the exterior is done, place the Styrofoam on the inside and arrange the flowers to your desired look.

cp 2

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