DIY Baby Sensory Squish Bag for Around 2 Dollars

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Need something to keep your little one occupied? Try making a sensory bag! It’s super simple, only requires a few supplies, and it’s guaranteed to wow your baby.

All You Need:

A gallon sized Ziploc bag

Large bottle of hair gel (you can find one at the Dollar Store!)

Trinkets for inside the sensory bag (beads, buttons, rubber animals, marbles… just don’t use anything that could puncture the bag)

Duct tape


All You Do:

Fill the bag with the hair gel and the little items, then squish it around so that the toys are well incorporated into the hair gel. You can always add some sequins and glitter to give it a more interesting effect!

Then seal the bag and reinforce all of the sides with duct tape, folding it over each side so that no amount of pushing on the bag by your little one can burst it at the seams.

Viola! You’re all done! See how easy that was? Though it requires such minimal effort and costs no more than a couple dollars it will probably end up being your childs’ favorite toy for a while. The way the little toys or beads move around when the bag is squished is going to be so entertaining for them, and can even make tummy time more fun!


Let me know how your kiddo liked their sensory bag in the comments!

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