Ditch Spring Cleaning & Get Organized This FALL

Posted on November 6th, 2017 by Uncategorized

She's always willing to help Dad get the housework done

“Spring Cleaning” gets way too much credit. Personally, I’m on team Fall Cleaning! While most people do most of their cleaning and organizing during the March and April months, I usually feel more inclined to most of my cleaning in October or November.

Sure, “Fall Cleaning” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it works for me. During the colder months you’re often stuck inside the house more, meaning you have to actually live in your cluttered house. If you took care of de-cluttering in the fall, you’ll feel so much better when you’re inside on a snow day. Also, because of the holidays, you’re likely to have more guests coming into your home in the next few months than you do during every other month combined! Don’t worry about aunt Josie seeing your messy closet when she goes to hang up her coat – clean it out now!

I also like to get organized as we head into the holidays so that I can make sure I know where our decorations are located, and it feels nice to get rid of all the junk I’ve accumulated during the year so far (mostly to make room for all the additional junk we’ll accumulate during the next few months of holidays). 😉

ALSO, it’s nice to go through the kids’ toys before they get more come Christmastime. Donate what they don’t play with now, and put the old favorites in storage to make room for new toys! Plus, donating old toys can help your kiddos learn the importance of helping others! 🙂

Here are my best tips for getting through all the clutter without losing your mind:

  1. I make it my goal to tackle one area or room a day (I cleaned out my medicine drawer, and called it a day!)
  2. I take 3 bins with me. One for storage, another for donating (or to sell in a yard sale if you prefer), and the last for trash.
  3. Go through drawers, under the bed, everything! And throw away anything that doesn’t belong into one of those 3 bins.

If you stick to those three steps, in only a matter of weeks you’ll be totally de-cluttered and ready for the fun and stress that accompanies fall and winter!

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