Different Ways To Save Money

Posted on August 13th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

saving money

Different people save money in different ways. What may work for one person doesn’t always work for another. Here are a few ways to save money that have worked for some of the people in my life.

Pull a Twenty

When you are at the store or out getting fast food get twenty dollars cash back. Then put that twenty dollars into a savings account. Make this account difficult to access. There shouldn’t be a cash card for it. Arrange it so that you must go to the bank to withdraw the money. This is great as an emergency account. If twenty dollars is too much, pull an extra five or ten dollars instead.


I am a big fan of the way change adds up. If you use cash regularly, have a place to toss your change for a rainy day. Most of the time people don’t keep track of their change. It ends up in the couch, behind the dresser, or randomly in the laundry or on the floor. Rather than losing your profits to cleaning day, save your change in a jar or in a drawer. Keep track of it. You’ll be surprised how it adds up.

Have It Taken Out

Many banks will offer to make a deposit into your savings account from your checking account. You don’t handle the money. This means that you won’t be tempted to spend it on something else. If you don’t have an account yet, look for a bank that also offers a high interest rate for your account. You can even gain interest on the money that you are saving.

Savings In Savings

Some people enjoy to celebrate what they save in bargains, coupons, and discounts by actually saving it. Keep track of how much money you save from your money saving activities and set it aside in an account. Overtime you will see how much your efforts have added up.

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