Cut Your Grocery Costs on Meat

Posted on February 3rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


How much do you spend on groceries? More than you’d like to? The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that a family of four spends anywhere from $146 to $289 per week on groceries! That’s between $584 and $1,156 every month!!! Honestly, when I evaluated our family’s spending in 2014, I was shocked at how much we spent on groceries, too. We were in that range as well. So, I am actively looking and making changes to what we buy, where we buy, and how often we buy our groceries in order to cut our grocery costs while still maintaining our priority of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest costs for any family’s grocery bill is meat. That’s true for us and very likely true for your family also. Here are a few ways to cut costs on meat and, as a result, on your entire grocery bill.

1. Stretch it out. Most Americans eat much more meat than we really need to feel satisfied. So, buy less. It’s that simple. We buy meat in bulk from a warehouse store. So, I divide it up and cook smaller portions for each meal. We used to be able to go through a pound and a half of ground beef in a day or two. Now, we can have three meals with that pound and a half.

2. Buy cheaper cuts. Honestly, to keep our costs down, we generally only buy ground beef. We try to buy organic (or, at least antibiotic and hormone free) meats. So, buying ground beef in bulk from a warehouse store is the best deal we can get right now.

3. Buy at reduced prices. Every store has its own policy for reducing prices on meats. Our local grocery store used to reduce prices in half on the day before the “sell date.” That policy has changed, sadly. Now, they only reduce prices by 25% on the day before the marked “sell date.” Nevertheless, getting 25% off is better than paying full price! Also, stocking up around holidays is a great way to save. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are great times to look for deals on ham and turkey both before and after those holidays.

How do you cut costs on your grocery bill?

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