Crochet Ideas For The Kitchen

Posted on April 3rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Crochet projects are a fun way to relieve stress. It’s also a way to provide useful ¬†items around the home. I enjoy making things for around the house, but I often get crafting tunnel vision. Sometimes I can’t see past making a blanket, toy, or hat. There are other places where crochet items could be useful. Lately, I have been focusing on the kitchen more. There are a few crochet projects that I have started using to make my kitchen more functional.

Sponge Covers 

One good way to get a sponge to last longer is to use a crochet cover on it. It will still get bubbly when exposed to soapy water, but it will last longer. This also keeps the sponge from absorbing quite as much gunk. The only downside of using a sponge cover is that it is more difficult to de-soap. Making your cover a buttonable pouch can also be helpful if you ever have the need to use the sponge cover free.


Another little convenience is using a crochet rag as a cloth while doing dishes or cleaning the sink. It can still do all the scrubbing, but is gentler than steel wool. I recommend using a single stitch to make crochet cleaning rags. It makes them a little tighter and they seem to get more dirt off whatever surface you’re cleaning.
Prom Dresses

Hot Pads

Making a square is easy enough in crochet. Making two and stitching them together isn’t all that difficult. I like to put a little padding between my front and bottom squares when making potholders. It helps me make extra sure that I won’t burn myself when removing a pan from the oven. Potholders can be made into all shapes and sizes that stay between the heated dish and a persons fingers. They are also good for setting pots or pans on when you don’t want water or heat damage to the dining room table.


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