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Posted on February 27th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

craft supplies

Being a crafting addict can be quite frustrating for those of us on a budget. We love to build our supplies up, but the cost can be damaging to our bank balance. This is even true when we are crafting household items we hope will save us money. Here are a few ideas I have used to cut back on the amount I spend on crafting supplies.

Scrap Fabric

Many fabric stores usually end up with small scraps of fabric after cutting yards of fabric. What can you make from these scraps? You can make hair supplies. You could make doll clothes. You can use them as quilt squares. Bean bags can be made from them. Depending on the size of the scraps you could even make covers for throw pillows. My local craft store sells a bag of scrap fabric for $2.99.

Buttons, Beads, And Charms

Buttons, beads, and charms that are decorative can be pretty costly. Instead of buying each separately, buy them in the form of inexpensive jewelry. There are many stores that have a inexpensive jewelry section. Look for the colors, shapes, or themes you are interested in. You may even find pieces that have both charms and beads you want to acquire. As for buttons buy old clothing from a thrift store instead. Not only will you end up with some pretty buttons, you will also end up with fabric to work with.

Singular Items

Instead of buying a set of crochet needles, buy one or two in the sizes that you usually work with. Instead of buying large packs of thread, buy one large spool. Often in our excitement we buy supplies or tools that we don’t need or won’t need for months. Instead pick one item for a few dollars rather than a set for ten dollars or more.





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