Cooking hacks no one would ever think of!

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Tired of throwing out food just because there wasn’t enough days till expiration? Mad that no knife or special tool will cut cake or brownies perfectly clean? All these hacks involve saving money and making it easier in the kitchen! Not to include saving time and energy!

Here are some of the many answers we’ve found.

  • Use hot knife to slice a cake or brownies perfectly.
  • Use a knife to dish out ice cream.
  • Roll homemade cookie dough into little balls and place them in the freezer. Make homemade cookies available at all times.
  • Make mini tacos using an upside down cupcake pan.
  • Keep a slice of bread in the brown sugar container to keep it from going hard.
  • Freeze broth in a ice cube tray to keep it from going bad.
  • Keep guacamole from turning brown by pouring water on top of it.
  • Cut corn off of the cob quickly and neatly by using a bundt pan.

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