Cooking From Your Pantry

Posted on June 5th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

If your pantry looks like mine it’s full of a lot of nothing. There is a lot of food, lots of cans, lots of beans, lots of pasta and honestly it’s been in there for a while. I attribute most of it to overbuying. Instead of buying 2 cans of beans for chili, I end up with 3 and when you do it over and over again, you wind of with a lot of beans. Here are some tips for using the food in your pantry that will also help save money on your grocery bill.

1. Throw some veggies in there! I have a lot of canned vegetables. I really don’t know how or why, but there they are. A great way to use them up and even add some nutrition to your food is to puree them and throw them into what you are making. This doesn’t work for every recipe, but it does for things like lasagna, spaghetti, any casserole, etc. Just throw your drained vegetables into the food processor and cook with the rest of your food. I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference!

2. Don’t be afraid to substitute. Do you have a favorite recipe, but you are missing an ingredient? Try to substitute with what you do have on hand. For example, if you want lasagna, but are missing the noodles try layering spaghetti noodles, or even use some zucchini or eggplant. Try meatless chili or add extra beans. Let your imagination run wild or you can always do what I do and Google “substation for __________.”

3. Use! Have you seen this website? It’s awesome! You simply input your ingredients and they will tell you what you can make. It doesn’t get easier than that does it? And you never know, you may find a recipe that becomes a family favorite!

How do you cook from your pantry?

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