Combating Advertising

Posted on June 3rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Ads are all over the place. Some make sense. Others appeal to us on an emotional level.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to cry during a sentimental commercial. Then the product ends up stuck in your head and makes other choices less appealing though they are more reasonable. How can we make ads less of a voice in our financial decisions?

Reduce Exposure

One of the best ways to combat advertising is to minimize how much of it you are exposed to. Use an ad block on your computer. Take your name off of catalog mailing lists. Throw away your junk mail after making sure that is what it is. Use streaming radio online that has less commercials. Watch Netflix rather than cable television. All of these little things can save your family from wanting things they don’t need because of advertisements. You will still come across ads and commercials, but it will be less time used on them and less actual commercials seen.

Educate Your Children

I know that many of the products for children have very entertaining commercials and ads, but children aren’t dumb. Ask your children what a rabbit or elves has to do with their morning cereal. Ask them if the picture of Dora makes their fruit snacks any more or less tasty. As they get older explain to them that advertisement has more to do with entertainment than facts about what they are buying. If a child insists on a certain brand of cereal or clothing have them pay for it themselves out of money earned or their allowance. When they complain that they ran out of money more quickly explain it was because they paid for a picture on a cereal box or tag on a shirt. These items would have cost less if they had looked for generics and hadn’t bought too much into advertising.

Know s Product’s Politics

There are many companies that give to charity, provide jobs to those that need them, and sell a good product at the same time. There are others that use cheap materials, or don’t provide fair wages and working conditions to their employees. Know which companies you buy from and support. Though the politics of companies don’t always affect us directly we should consider those that are affected and use our purchasing power to make our stance known.


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