Color Changing Flower Science Experiment!

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It’s science-experiment time again! I love having fun hands-on experiments to do with kids to get them excited about science. If they can have the chance to have a fun experience with science, they’re more likely to view it positively and perform better in that subject! And who knows, the fun experiments they do as kids may spark an interest and inspire them to go into a science field later on!

This experiment is so easy you’re going to love it.


White Flowers, (carnations, daisies, roses… they all work. Carnations are probably your least expensive option though)

Clear drinking glasses or vases,

Food coloring dye,




Fill up each glass with water and add a few drops of food coloring, enough to dye the water a deep and bright color.

Stick one flower into each glass of colored water, and watch them over the course of a couple days. It wont take long at all for you to see the flowers change to the color in the glass.

Explain to your kids that water is taken up through the stem of the flower and distributed into the petals of the flowers! By dying the water you are able to see exactly how long it takes for the water to travel, and where it travels to! (That’s a good enough explanation for younger kids, though you can always look up more information for a more detailed discussion with your older or more curious kiddos.)


Now this is something I just learned, and I am so excited to try it! Instead of just putting the one flower into one color, why don’t you try putting it into two colors? Now how do you do that, you may ask? Simply use a knife to split the stem in half, and place each half into a different color. (Brilliant. Why have I never thought to do that myself?!)

Ask your kids to come up with a hypothesis for what will happen to the flower when you do the two colors. Will the whole flower turn to be a mix of the two colors (for example, if the two colors are blue and red, will the flower turn purple?) or will the colors be split exactly down the middle?


Let me know what happens! I’m excited to hear about your flower-dying experiments!

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