Christmas Tree Alternatives

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

There are many reasons that a family would opt to not use a tree for Christmas. They may not want to chop down a tree. They may think an artificial tree is a waste of resources. Or, like my family just starting out a few years ago, they may not be able to afford one. Whatever the reason here are a few alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree.

A Rosemary Bush

A rosemary bush looks like a little fir tree. It could hold little ornaments and is useful. It can also be used as a herb for cooking. This is great option for people who have a green thumb, or who like to cook. Rosemary bushes can be found at some grocery stores or grown at home.

A Wrapping Paper Tree

A wrapping paper tree is a great idea for those of us with a gift for crafting. Cut out about four triangles and glue, tape, or glue dot each one about half way up each triangle. The tree won’t hold ornaments, but if the paper is already festive, it won’t need ornaments. Just tape it to the wall and there you have a Christmas tree. Another variation of this is to use green wrapping on all the presents, and then stack them into a shape of a tree. After Christmas the paper can all go in the recycling bin.

An Outside Tree

Try using a tree in the front or back yard to decorate. It could be a local plant, like a cactus or a palm tree. Just add lights and there is your tree. Tell the family that the presents ¬†were left inside due to Santa’s concern about the weather. Make sure they know he liked the tree anyhow.

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  1. betty November 23, 2013

    me and my 2 oldest kids did that years ago we made our own x-mas decorations out of paper and glue. was the colored kind of had a picture of it many years ago. we even add those paper chains to it.

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