Christmas Check List – A Poem

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

check list

On the night before Christmas what we don’t want to do

is run out for bows, tape, or glue.

We’ve made sure we have batteries and all the right tools

to put together a big toy or two.

The stockings are hung and soon those we will fill

full of sugary things that will make our kids ill.

For dinner we’ll have turkey or ham,

corn on the cob and some candied yams.

We have our ingredients, sugar and spices

to fulfill all our taste bud vices.

There are plenty a way for our thirst to cure.

We have hot chocolate, eggnog and apple cider.

When our food choices put digestion to the test,

we know that mint herbal tea will help us the best.

We’ve put the tinsel and bells on our trees

and left out for Santa a plate of cookies.

Then send out the cards to those that we know

and call family to talk about snow.

We’ll set up our reindeer out on the lawn

and string lights that we’ll keep on all night long.

We know for this day we have been waiting all year

and found some good deals to help spread the cheer.

We have prepared for our family traditions

in spite of our untimely teenage sedition.

We have new pajamas and new winter hats

put wreaths on on our doors and elf ears on our cats.

Our doorways are garnished with sprigs of mistletoe

so we can steal a kiss with that someone we know.

We’ll read Christmas stories and perhaps go to mass

and vow in our hearts these feelings will last.

We’ll bring good will the rest of the year through

and bring soup to the hungry and those with the flu.

We will continue to do that which is right,

make people happy and avoid family fights.

Yes this is what we’ll do to reduce our stress

while living more and spending less.

And the last thing we need to do

is wish a Happy Holidays from us to you.


Merry Christmas from Thrifty Divas!







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