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Posted on August 11th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

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Going to a one size fits all store I will admit is a convenience, but it is a convenience that you end up paying for. This is especially true when there is a discount type store right next door.

What’s In a Name

Just because it has dollar in the name, does not mean that the store has the best price. Having dollar in the name doesn’t mean that all items will be under a dollar in price. This particularly rings true when it comes to frugal cleaning supplies. You may be able to find sponges at a grocery store for less than you would find them at a dollar or discount store. For this reason it’s still important to shop around when you know every penny counts.

On Sale

Even a discount store has a sale sometimes. This is a good way to get things like cleaning items, cosmetics, or hygiene supplies in bulk for a really low price. This is also a good way to build an emergency supply kit or first aid kit. You could get things like candles, toilet cleaner, or laundry detergent at a low cost. These are the type of supplies that come in handy in a tight pinch, that you otherwise wouldn’t buy because your wallet in just as pinched. A sale on top of a discount price is usually a very good bargain.

What Are You Getting?

Did you forget the baby bottle but you have three dollars worth of quarters? Do you need a quick toddler distraction? Are you just looking for a book you might like? Dollar and discount stores are right up your alley. If you have the option, run into one of these stores rather than the all in one stores. It may not be the best quality item, but it will do what you need it to for right now. Who knows. You may find it was better than the name brand bottles you had bought in the past.

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