Chaos-Free Ways to Help Your Kids With Their Homework

Posted on August 15th, 2017 by Uncategorized

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Ah, the dreaded homework assignments. School is almost back in full-swing, and it’s likely that your kiddo will be bringing home math and English assignments everyday. Some kids are great about sitting down once they get home and completing their work before heading out to play, while others really need an extra push to make sure they get what they need to done.

You don’t need to have an office dedicated to school-work, or know all of the U.S. Presidents in order to be helpful to your kids. You simply need to make sure that you stick with a consistent homework schedule and help them with what you can. Homework is a time for kids to learn how to be more autonomous and take ownership of their own work. It can be great to help them learn how to manage their time, and practice concepts that they learned during school. As long as they have a distraction-free environment and the resources they need to succeed, they’ll do great!

Here are a few tips for how to make “homework time” more effective.

Food First, Then Work

My mom would make it a point to have a snack made as soon as we got home, even if it was just something simple like apples with peanut butter on top. It really helped to keep us from grabbing a bag of chips as soon as we got home, and kept us full until dinner time so we could get through our work faster. After a long day of school kids are often pretty hungry, and it’s almost impossible to focus on fractions when your stomach is grumbling.

Get in a Routine

If you require homework to be done before they can go outside and play or watch a TV show make sure you stick with that consistently. Getting homework done right as they get home is great because the material should still be fresh in their mind, and then once they’re finished they can relax and spend the rest of their night having fun.

Distraction-Free Zone

A quiet room free from distractions is best, meaning no cell-phones, no iPad, and no surfing the web if they’re using a computer. If they’re self-motivated enough, a desk in their bedroom would work great. But if they often get distracted by the toys in their room, maybe setting up a space in an office or even the kitchen table would work best. Make sure that the space you choose is well-lit, and stocked with any school supplies they need.

No Shame in Hiring a Tutor

Don’t be ashamed if you look at your 3rd Graders’ math book and feel completely perplexed. Trying to remember math that you haven’t used for years is not an easy task! Do your best to help them walk through the problems they don’t understand, and if you’re sure that you don’t know how to help them, encourage them to ask the teacher for help. Also, never rule out getting a tutor if you feel that your child is slipping too far behind.


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