Celebrate The Graduate In Your Life!

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Finally, it’s time for graduation! For many, graduating is a very big deal. Whether it’s the end of Preschool, High School or College for your child, it’s a huge milestone and should be celebrated accordingly! There are so many simple and inexpensive ways that you can show that person just how excited you are for them!


Decorate their car on the day of the graduation ceremony

If you feel like they’d appreciate it, grab some washable window makers and a few balloons and decorate their car! Drawing some caps and tassels, their graduating year, and other graduation-esque pictures on their windows will make them smile when they head out for the day. Adding a few balloons in their school colors to the inside of their car would also be a nice touch.

Make a personalized lei

There is so much room to get creative with this one. Whether you fill the lei with their favorite candies, trinkets, or even origami shaped money, they’ll be sure to love it.

Decorate the top of their cap

This is a trend that I didn’t even know existed until I graduated just a bit ago. Depending on the school rules (and whether or not they’re renting the cap) you may be able to decorate it! Just stickers, a funny quote, or something pertaining to their major, it would all be a fun surprise and something that will make them stand out from the herds of other students all wearing the same thing.

Give a gift

It doesn’t have to be much, even just a bouquet of flowers or a meaningful card! If you do want to gift them with something more, and you’re not sure of what they’d want, gift cards work perfectly! Enclosing cash in a card can be a good idea, but it will often just end up paying for boring things like groceries or gas. Get them a gift card that is specific to their favorite restaurant or store and they’ll be forced to treat themselves.


There are so many fun ideas for letting your graduate know just how proud of them you are. You can go all out, or keep it simple, but as long as you put some thought into it, you’re sure to make their day.


Have any cool ideas for celebrating your graduate? Anything gift ideas that they loved? Feel free to mention it in the comments below!

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