Cats And Holidays

Posted on December 18th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Some people like us look upon their furry friends as members of the family. Some see their cats as their kids, and during the Christmas season want to spoil them as such. Others just don’t want to stop their children from exercising the lesson of being nice to the animals. Whatever the reason we give gifts to our cats, here are a few ways to share in frugal feline festivities.

Tuna Or Chicken

There are recipe books and online instructions for gourmet cat food, but I am an average chef at best, so they don’t really help me. Instead I give my cats real meat as a Christmas meal. I either give them each a can of tuna or a cooked boneless chicken breast. It relieves the families need to treat the cats for the holidays without breaking the bank.

Gifting A Cat

We make many of the gifts for cats. A strip of felt tied to a stick is a new toy. We decorate one of the boxes that comes in the mail and it becomes a Christmas cottage for cats. The last idea works great instead of ginger bread houses, which may draw bugs. For stocking stuffers we get a bag of mice or jingle balls at the grocery store. We have even grown Christmas catnip.

Before buying or making anything we check for safety information. Certain craft feathers can be harmful to a cat. Also if your cat wants to take certain decorations off his habitat, it’s best he can’t swallow or choke on them.

Gifts That Keep Giving

When we do invest in a bigger present, like a kit or a book, we ensure it’s a gift that can be given often. We got a book on cat training one year and to our surprise our younger cat really took to the training. Another time we got a book on feline massage. Both enjoy these skills ( that we developed for them) all year round.

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