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Get paid for sharing your opinions

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Win a $500 Whole Foods Gift Card

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Win a $500 Whole Foods Gift Card

What’s your actual age? Take the test

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What’s your RealAge? Calculate the biological age of your body and find out how you can turn back the clock. This popular quiz is fun and informative.

Get paid to take online surveys!

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EarningStation provides you with the easiest way to earn gift cards online. With our high-paying surveys, discount shopping offers, and other fun ways to earn- You choose how you earn.

Enter For A Chance to Win A $500 Whole Foods Gift Card

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Enter For A Chance to Win A $500 Whole Foods Gift Card

4 Ways to Earn Money from Home

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Working at home definitely has its appeal.  After all, dictating your own hours and working in your pajamas are both things dreams are made of, right?  But, is it possible to actually earn money from home?  Absolutely!

Ways to Earn at Home

Become a Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistants are gaining in popularity, especially with the popularity of blogs.  Basically a virtual assistant assists a business owner in doing their day to day tasks.  If you are trustworthy and able to perform basic administrative assistant tasks, then virtual assisting may be right for you.  VirtualAssistants.com and VirtualAssistantJobs.com are both great places to get started.  If you have a strong set of specialized skills, a site like Fiverr might be a good place to showcase them and get a clientele built up.


Selling Stock Photos


Do you have a passion for photography?  Did you know that you are able to take pictures and sell them to stock photography sites and earn passive income?  Why not turn your passion into cash!  There are many popular stock photo sites, such as iStockPhoto and Shuttershock.   This article does a great job explaining how to get started selling your stock photos and what to expect.


Sell Your Crafts


They always say to find something you love and turn it into a career.  If you are a crafty individual, maybe you knit, make soap, sew or are a graphic designer — then turn your craft into a business!  The internet age makes this easier than in days past, since you can set up a Facebook Page, Website or even sell directly on Etsy — putting your business and craft in front of thousands of potential customers!


Sell Products


Are there products that you use regularly that you believe in and love?  Why not turn that love into a business and help your family at the same time. Direct Selling companies such as Scentsy, Thirty One, It Works, and Mary Kay are great ways to earn a little bit of extra cash, while having fun!  You are in full control of what hours you work, as well as how often you work, making it great for those of us who have crazy schedules.


Sites like CareerBuilder also have an extensive list of work at home job opportunities if you are unable to earn money from home with the options listed above.

5 Steps to Gaining Financial Freedom

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In the society of Buy Now, Pay Later it’s difficult to maintain a debt free life.  The feeling of financial freedom is one that cannot be compared to much else.  Can you imagine not having to make regular monthly payments and being able to enjoy every penny of your hard earned cash, instead of making banks richer with your interest payments?



Create a Working Budget

The first step in gaining financial freedom is getting a clear look at your finances.  Set aside time to dig into your finances and create a budget.  You need to include every expense you incur, including those that aren’t monthly (such as insurance, taxes, school supplies, Christmas, etc).  On the flip side, you also need to include every source of income you have.

Toss Out those Credit Cards!

If you’re looking to gain financial freedom, then it is essential that you make a commitment to not get into any more debt, which includes credit cards.

Control your Spending

There are areas of your budget that you are in full control of, like groceries and entertainment.  Since groceries are usually a huge part of a person’s budget, take a long hard look at your grocery spending and find areas where you are able to trim.  Stop all non-essentials in every negotiable category until you’re able to feel some financial relief.

Gain Momentum!

Once you figured out where your money is going every month and you’ve trimmed every area you can — use your “saved” money to pay down any remaining debts.  Start with the lowest balance and throw all of your extra money at it to eliminate it quicker.  Once that debt is paid in full, take the money you were paying on it monthly, plus all the extras and apply it to the next debt with the smallest balance.  You’ll gain momentum very quickly and you’ll see your debt disappear right before your eyes!

Push Through

Gaining financial freedom is never as fun as it was to get into debt in the first place.  It just plain hurts!  Try to keep your eyes on your end goal of being free from monthly debt payments and set realistic goals for what you’re going to do once you’re done with this journey.  It’s tough now, but soon the feeling of freedom will be so worth it!


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