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Posted on November 21st, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

rolling stone

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Saving Money With Lazy Days

Posted on November 20th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

lazy days

Lazy days are some of the best days in human existence. They are days filled with silence or family, but not obligations and stress. They can be a little bit of a money sink though, because they aren’t really days of financial production. Here are a few ways to limit the costs of your lazy day and still come out of them worry free and refreshed.

What’s In The Fridge

Do you have a fridge full of leftovers? Do you have microwave dinners in your freezer or a bag of salad in your crisper? Instead of ordering out or going to a restaurant use up what you haven’t used in your fridge. This is also an easy way to prep your fridge for cleaning day. When scrounging in your fridge just throw out what looks bad.

Stay In

Don’t waste money at a landmark or at the zoo. Don’t waste gas by going for a drive or to the store. Just stay in your own home and watch a movie or have friends over. Spend the day on the porch watching your kids in the backyard. Work on crafts or gaze out the window or into the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Stress Relief

Do something small for your health without feeling bad. Take a nap. Have a bubble bath. Enjoy a wrestling match with your toddler. Do something that will actually relieve stress and allow your to feel better on an emotional level and therefore more productive on your non-lazy days.

Natural Light

Leave all electric or battery operated lights off. Use sunlight that come through windows and skylights. Use the fireplace or candle light. Both sunlight and candle light are linked to stress reduction. This is also a mild natural way to warm your home on chilly fall days. Just be sure to wear your favorite fuzzy slippers and pajamas.

 What do you do on your lazy days?

Ipsos I-Say – Take Surveys, Earn Rewards

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

I-Say is looking for Moms! Take surveys and earn points. The more surveys you complete the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more you can redeem on the online reward store. There are also contests & prizes for dedicated members. It’s a win-win and FREE to join!

Why You Should Visit TV Channel Websites

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

TV Channel Websites

There are many ways to get free stuff on the internet, but one of the most overlooked ways to get free stuff is by visiting the websites of television channels. TV, through set times to broadcast and thousands of commercials, is becoming a thing of the past. Why would people choose to watch television the old way when they can watch when they want with fewer ads? As a result, TV channel websites are finding more ways to keep the interest and loyalty of their viewers.

Free Kids Stuff

There are many things for kids to do other than watch the show when you visit the website of their favorite television channel. They can have stories read. They can interact with their favorite characters. There are games to play. You can even print out coloring pages of your child’s favorite cartoon characters. It’s a fun way to get away from the actual watching of the television show and at the same time still be able to let your child see their favorite shows.

Comes Out Before Netflix

When you visit Netflix you need to wait until the next season of the show you are watching comes out in full to see what happens next. When you watch Hulu some shows you can see right away. Others are only on Hulu Plus. Some of these same shows are available on their channel websites right after airing. Other channels choose to post episodes on their website a week later.

Loyalty Rewards and Stores

Some channel websites offer loyalty points that offer great discounts for (you guessed it) their website store. It’s a good place to find merchandise for a friend or family member who has a favorite show. There are also sweepstakes and giveaways offered on some websites. They could be for anything from coveted kitchen wares to shows on DVD, but if you win they are free.

An Unspoiled Holiday Season

Posted on November 14th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

unspoiled Christmas

We all want our children to have a great holiday season, but what do you do when your child isn’t happy with all the gifts under the tree? Here are a few things to do to keep the grinchy feelings out of your children this holiday season.

Focus On What They Will Give

Take your younger children to the dollar store and have them pick out gifts for the other members of the family. Make sure you put emphasis on the fun parts of holiday giving. The gift is a secret until it’s opened. Let’s get Dad or Mom something they would really like or need. For older children, offer to help create a gift. Make a tie for Dad or a quilt for their younger sibling. Make a family picture collage for Grandma or Grandpa to hang on their wall. As you create or wrap gifts lead your conversations to be about how great it will be when the recipient opens the gift rather than the things you hope to get yourself.

Focus On Involving Them In Giving To Others

Make cookies and have your children help deliver them to the neighbors. Visit friends or relatives in nursing homes together. Ask their advice about a gift you are buying for an individual on the gift tree in a local store. Talk about the good these things do for those receiving the gift. Simple sincere comments are better than guilt trips. Catch your children doing good. Ask about the woman they spoke to at the nursing home and let them tell you how they connected.

Focus On What You Focus On

If you want your children to gracefully accept gifts, set a good example for accepting gifts gracefully. This includes gracefully accepting the vacuum cleaner your husband decided to get instead of that romantic gift of jewelry. No, it most definitely isn’t what you wanted for Christmas, and you don’t know what he was thinking to make that thought count. But treat the gift and the giver with respect in front of your children all the same.

MySoapBox Survey Panel

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Get on your Soapbox today!

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How to Earn Money as a Stay At Home Mom!

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

sahm earn money

So you have chosen to be a stay at home mom, but you still feel the need to take an active part in improving family finances. There are many ways to go about being able to do just that from home. Here are a few things to consider.


There are so many more options available to moms right now than there has ever been before. We no longer live in a time where taking in other people’s laundry, being a maid ,or childcare are the few work at home options to us. Now we can sell anything from artwork to clothes on the internet. We can write and publish a book at no cost to us on Amazon. Or we can work a home based business like Avon or Partylite. The choices are endless. We just need to see what the best fit for us is going to be.

The Kids

While some of the online jobs out there require a great deal of time and possibly even childcare (becoming a full-time employee from home would still require full-time hours and attention, therefore childcare would be necessary), a good many don’t. Don’t misunderstand me. They still take time and effort but some online based jobs are flexible. They can be done after bedtime or worked on during naps. Some lower energy money makers may just mean doing a few surveys during a child’s television time. Others can be left up on your computer screen and come back to after feeding the baby. Figure out how to fit your choice into your schedule. You became a stay at home mom for a reason. Don’t lose sight of one goal for the other.

Websites, Website, Everywhere

Be sure to check out valuable websites for tips on where to find good money making opportunities or ways to save money. There are plenty of coupon sites, freebie sites, and places that collect the best online money making opportunities. You don’t have to choose one. Most are small and can be done in conjunction with other opportunities. They may not pay a great deal separately, but together they can bring in quite a bit of money.

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