Caring For Sick Babies

Posted on November 14th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

A sick child is always a time of worry and wondering what to do. We have pediatricians and ask a nurse hotlines to help us out, but we want to be able to help our children ourselves. Here are a few ways to help little ones get better


I had a pharmacist tell me that there are two things that most people need when they are sick. The first one was water. Unfortunately I learned that when a little one is not feeling well, the last thing they want is water. I learned to make staying hydrated a treat rather than a fight. I would make Pedialyte popsicles or slushys. Pedialyte comes in an assorted flavors and bubble gum became a fast favorite.


Sleep was the second thing recommended. Anyone who has a toddler knows what it’s like to get them to lay down if they don’t want to. In the case of sleep I settle for still rest. We watch favorite movies together on the couch under a blanket. Or we have a longer reading time. I also let him sleep longer during naps and put him to bed half an hour early.

Self Care

I know it’s true it’s difficult to care for others if  I have not taken care of myself.  I make sure I take my vitamin C and keep hydrated and rest myself. I let some of the house work go for the day and  make simple meals. All the housework and new recipes will be waiting when my little one is better.


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