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Posted on April 30th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I shop online a lot, but I still head to the store for a lot of things. But I’ve learned that some things are better left for buying online and some things better for the actual store. Here are our recommendations for what you could always buy in person. I’ll post what you should buy online tomorrow.

Heavy items-If it’s heavy, it will cost a lot of ship. Then if you were going to save money, you’ll spend it in shipping most of the time.

Groceries-You can just get better deals with coupons in person that the best deal online.

Clothes and shoes-If it doesn’t fit, it’s hard to send it back without paying extra shipping. I still regret that one pair of boots I got that didn’t fit and that I never took the time to send back 🙁

Makeup-Unless it’s a brand you use often and know your colors, this could be a HUGE waste of time. Being able to test makeup is a great idea.

Appliances-Not only are they heavy, but you just can’t get the deals online as in person. In person you are able to haggle and get more off the marked price.

Cars-The internet is awesome for searching for awesome car deals, but steer clear of people personally selling vehicles online. There are a lot of people being scammed by people selling cars. Be very careful with this!



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