Born Again Baby Bottles

Posted on August 28th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

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In our home, our little one has graduated from bottles to lidded cups, but we still have a few bottles around our home. Here are a few ways I put them to good use.

In the Kitchen

Baby bottles are wonderful to keep around the kitchen. I use them as measuring cups because most of them have the measurements right on the side of the bottle. I also use them as rolling pins when I am rolling out something smaller like tortillas. I even use them as cookie cutters by turning them top side to the dough and pressing down. In addition to these uses they are also good for storing baking goods or candy, if you have kept the bottle caps. If you use the type of bottle that uses bags, never fear. There’s still a way to reuse that bottle.  If you cut the tip of the nipple off, it is great for piping frosting.

In the Bathroom

I don’t like to spend money on bath toys. Okay…Maybe a rubber ducky but not much else. So I use bottles instead. At bath time we have fun by blowing bubbles through the bottle rings. We poke our fingers through nipples to force the water out, and use them as squirting devises. The actual container of the bottle we use to rinse the hair of our little one, who hates having his head tilted back into the water. We pour water over his tilted head instead.

At a Baby Shower

Bottles don’t just have to be the present. They can also be the decorations. Fill them with flowers and they are vases.  Cover them with wrapping paper and tie balloons to them. If we really want to get into the spirit of the celebration they can even be used for beverages. Simply put punch or soda in them. After the party and clean up, send them home with the lady of honor.

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