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Posted on April 30th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


What is the right price for a casual game? For a thrifty diva the right price is zero dollars and zero cents. Blizzard, the company that make Diablo games and Starcraft, knows this and is creating games to meet the casual gamer’s needs. They make money off their in-game stores from those that choose to buy gaming items. In the mean time the thrifty gaming diva is earning and saving up in-game gold. We know that with a little patience and planning we can play these games without spending real money.


Hearthstone is an online card game. You start with a main character that has their own special ability. You also have a deck of cards that you can create to compliment your playing style. Each card represents a minion or an ability that you can play based on its mana crystal cost. You begin with one mana crystal and gain a crystal each turn and try to play your cards strategically within the amount of mana you have. You can earn in-game gold to buy new packs of cards.

There are also solo adventures. The two adventures out at the moment can be bought by in-game gold wing by wing. They each have five wings. As you progress through the adventure you beat game bosses and earn new cards. On top of that, after each wing is finished there are class challenges that reward victory with class specific cards.

The best part of Hearthstone is that it’s flexible. You can play it on a iPhone or Kindle. The games last between five to ten minutes. You can also cancel a game if you need to run and change your toddler.

Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes Of The Storm is currently in Beta. It’s a real time game where you can pick a Blizzard character to fight with. From what I understand you can also earn in-game gold in order to buy certain characters. Otherwise you are working with a character randomly chosen each week that is free to play. Heroes Of The Storm enters open Beta on May 19th and is released June 2nd.


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