Big Holiday Gifts on a Tiny Budget

Posted on December 1st, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Gift giving during the holiday season can be stressful, especially among large families that want to give large gifts. Here are a few ways to reduce big gift stress this holiday season.

Big Books

Don’t get books that are singular. Instead get books in an omnibus form. They cost less than buying a book series book by book. Adult books usually come in a set of three and are often a complete series. The person receiving such a book won’t have to go find the second or third book. Children’s books sometimes come like this but with five or six books. This works particularly well if your child has a favorite character, like Curious George. Even cookbooks and manga come in the omnibus format so there is something for everyone.

One Big Gift in Pieces

Sometimes the best way to give one big gift in in a bunch of little gifts. Let’s say you are getting a tablet for your teenager. Wrap the charging cord as a gift, a cover or case as a gift, and the actual tablet as a gift. Add an iTunes gift card and you have one big gift that is broken down into four gifts. Try to give the gifts in an order that keeps the recipient guessing. The iTunes gift card would go first, followed by the cords. Next would come the tablet, and last the cover. The suspense will make the gift opening more fun.

Giant Family Gift

Sometimes you don’t want to give each family member their own individual big gift. You want to give the family one giant gift. A good example would be a back yard trampoline. Still give little gifts that can be opened under the tree in the morning or stocking stuffers, but have the family gift set up as a surprise in a location other than under the the tree. Spend a portion of the day together using the gift. Play the new video game system with your kids or have a fun afternoon jumping on the trampoline. Family time is also part of the gift.


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