Benefits of the Extended Family Garden

Posted on March 23rd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


What’s better than starting your own spring garden? Starting a family garden with your whole family living in your area!

Choice of Yard

When you have extended family around someone is bound to have a yard. It most cases many someones. Multiple yards means you get to pick out the best yard for a garden. It may be the yard of the person who has enough time to water a garden every day. It may be the yard furthest out of the city or the yard with the best soil PH. It could even just be the yard of the person who came up with the idea. Or the garden could be spread out among multiple yards growing different things in each. For those in an apartment smaller plants, like tomatoes, can be put out on the balcony. You could even grow the families herbs on the window sill. The more gardening options and room the better.

Shared Responsibility

You’re not on your own when it comes to creating and growing the garden. People of the family should be showing up and lending a hand. If you have a brown thumb, consider it a garden with training wheels. Have those with greener thumbs help you learn the ropes of gardening. Eventually you could have enough experience to plant your own garden and may even succeed in getting something to grow.

Shared Cost

A shared garden means a split cost. You could cover the cost of fertilizer while someone else may cover the cost of pots for a container garden. The person who has the garden in their yard will be covering the cost of water for the garden. Keep that in mind as you split the costs of your family project.

Less Waste

It’s not likely that the produce of your garden will got to waste when split between a few different family groups. What would be more tomatoes than you know what to do with becomes a good crop for all that will get used. Just keep in mind what other family members will or won’t eat when planning a garden. Everyone should have something that they would like to eat planted in a joint garden endeavor.

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