Before You Get To The Hospital

Posted on May 12th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Few costs can be more daunting than hospital bills. They are high even with insurance! Some people don’t know what to expect. Others even avoid getting medical treatment because they fear the cost. It is important to get the care you need and many hospitals want to make your care possible.

Call The Insurance Company

The insurance company is able to explain  how much money is needed to pay as a deductible. They are also able to explain what percentage of hospital costs are your responsibility to pay. This helps us be able to better prepare and plan how to pay our hospital bills. If you have two types of insurance (a primary and a secondary) you will need to know how much each company will be paying and what cost that leaves you. It’s important to make sure that you and these companies are all on the same page.

Talk To The Hospital

Hospital expenses can be broken down in a number of ways. There are physician expenses and actual hospital stay expenses. They can tell you the actual price of these services. They can also tell you how to contact the services that they either outsource or don’t have costs for. They don’t just help you get your financial planning together, they can also register you for planned procedures so you don’t need to fill out paper work while going into labor or surgery.

Round Up

In some medical cases you aren’t sure how much medical care you may need. In cases of pregnancy there may or may not be a cesarean or epidural. When it comes to dental you may need to be asleep. Other times a numbing agent will work fine. In either case, there are costs that you may or may not have to pay but won’t know until the event happens. In these cases it is best to plan as though you will be paying for these services. It’s better to plan for more than you will need to pay than not have saved enough money to pay.


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