Before Leaving Home

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

This is the season to go on vacation, and visit family and friends. It can be expensive, but would be even more expensive if I didn’t plan and leave my home in a vacation state. Here are a few ways I save money at home, even when I’m gone.

Insurance Check

 Insurance  ensures that if my home is broken into I can be reimbursed for what is stolen. Renters insurance is actually very affordable for those of us that are apartment dwellers. Even if I were to come home to a break in, I would be able to replace what was stolen.

Check List

Before leaving I make a check list of all I need to do before we leave home. I list each item I need to unplug or turn off. This includes stoves, computers, and house lights. With pets I also make a check list of who is watching them, if I have left enough food, and if I have removed household hazzards, like not leaving the toilet seat up. 😉

Run Out of Milk

I like to save money during trips by using up foods that would go bad by the time we get home. I check expiration dates and plan meals according to what I need to use up.

What do you do to save money and prepare for travel?

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